10 May 2022
Swim Team Match Report Oundle V Stamford Tues 3 May 2022 Home

On Tuesday the 3rd of May, the Oundle Swim Team went head to head against our counterparts in Stamford in what was the first fixture of the Summer Term. We had gone against Stamford multiple times in the past but had always come up short, so it was to our great joy that we were able to on this occasion come out on top in all but one age bracket - winning 308-273.

It was an electric affair featuring yet another outstanding performance from the team- 40 personal bests were achieved along with ten school records- no mean feat given the standard at which the team has been performing as of late. A special mention to:

  • Fergus Lyle (Crosby 4th) for his breaking of the long-standing U16B 50m Butterfly as well as the U16B 50m Freestyle records.
  • Alex Menshutkin (School 3rd) who also broke two school records, in the Boys Open 100m Individual Medley and the U14B Backstroke.
  • Nwando Ifeacho (Wyatt 3rd) for breaking the Girls Open 100m Individual Medley
  • Omorinsola Idowu (Wyatt 3rd) for breaking the U18 50m Freestyle record
  • Chaun Lim (Fisher U6th) for breaking the U18 50m Butterfly record
  • Oliver Ho (Crosby L6) who made his return to the swimming team in truly impressive fashion, placing first in the U18 50m breaststroke.

That almost all our record breakers are in the Fourth form or below is of tremendous significance- I have every confidence they will accomplish even more great things in the years to come. Every member of the team deserves to be commended not only for all their hard work, which is undoubtedly considerable, but for the good cheer, team spirit and character that they have displayed over the past few months. They conduct themselves incredibly well.

Aidan Wong L6