13 May 2021
Basketball Match Report Vs Uppingham

Oundle hosted its first basketball game in possibly 2 decades on 13th May against Uppingham. The new sports centre courts provided an excellent venue for this event. With only two prior training sessions to the match at 9pm on Wednesday nights, the team put on a spectacular performance in all aspects of the game. The defense during the game was a perfect simulation of what the team had been practicing in training and its effect was seen through a significant decrease in the scoring potential of our opponents. This combined with effective offensive plays made it easy to keep the score gap within reach during the first three quarters. Nearing the end, the scoreboard was constantly on the move as both sides were going back and forth. Even with spontaneous plays such as a clutch three point play by Seb Wat and a 5 man substitution in the last minute of the game, the team was not able to match Uppingham’s score. Unfortunately, the newly assembled team, which was a mixture of pupils from the 5th to Upper 6th form, narrowly lost by 7 points - the score being 33-40. However, it provided a perfect learning experience for Oundle and the enthusiasm of the L6 and 5th Form bodes well going forward. The ability and determination on display made it evident that improvement within the team is inevitable and will hopefully lead to wins in the future.

Kind regards,