17 May 2021
Boys Tennis Match Report Oundle Vs Uppingham

After a week of training interrupted by storms, lightning and hail, many were hoping for a dry and calm afternoon of tennis yesterday. Having faced Uppingham the previous month, we were all too familier with how strong they were and many of our boys learnt lessons on playing tactically and controlling the game from the last fixture. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and U16A teams remained in Oundle for the first home fixture of the season, and it was lovely to feel the buzz and the atmosphere that the home sports fixtures create. Whilst, the U15 and U14 teams were away to Uppingham, where there were some very strong and notable performances.

Starting with the away fixture, both U14 teams won 6-3 which mirrors the result last time against Uppingham, so congratulations to all boys involved. Moreover, in the U15’s it was a tale of two stories with the U15A team winning 8-1 but unfortunately the U15B team losing 8-1. So all in all in the away fixture, the junior squads won 3-1 showing yet again the potential strength of the team coming through to play fort he seniors in the coming years.

In the home fixture, the senior squads and the U16A all put up incredible fights against a strong and well prepared Uppingham team, and there were many close results. In the U16A, it was a narrow defeat of 4-5 with a close deciding game, which Oundle unfortunately lost, but well done to all involved. Whilst in the senior squads, the 2nd and 3rd team lost with the 2nd’s losing 8-1 and the 3rd’s losing 9-0; similar results to the last time Oundle faced Uppingham. However, in the 1st team, Oundle were able to better a 5-4 win last time to a 6-3 win yesterday. There were many notable performances yesterday including 3rd pair Harun Tekin and Arthur Bagshaw who despite losing all three matches took many of the games to a decider, so well done to them. In addition, the 1st team players must be credited for the composure and sportsmanship displayed, and responded to situations in an exemplary manner: serving the school wonderfully at the highest level.

Joseph White (Boys Tennis Captain)