05 Aug 2018
Oundle School Senior Rugby Team Touch Down

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When the plane signalled that at 07.10 local time, the outside temperature was a mere three degrees, I think I speak for all of us when I say that sI desperately hoped that today would be one of those days that starts off cold and warms-up as the day goes on. But it was not to be; the temperature remained rather brisk and, from what can only be assumed in the absence of a thermometer, hovered just above freezing for the duration of the day. With this in mind, together with the dense mist that at one stage so severely restricted visibility that I could not see the runway as our wheels touched down in Santiago, but reluctantly withdrew a little throughout the day, as the clock on my phone turned to midday, it could be concluded that because of this, together with the dense mist that severely restricted visibility, the suncream packed would be staying in my suitcase for a little while longer.The temperature, though, was not such a bad thing. Yes, we were having to work to keep warm, but this might have been just the thing we needed to blow off the cobwebs from a long and relatively uneventful flight from Madrid, in which people were able to get various amounts of sleep. Notwithstanding the sleep deprivation, bitter chill in the air, lack of a ball pump and the curious jaded feeling that I am sure did not just bother me all day, we did not hang around in getting on with our first training session of the tour. The location: the Santiago Park/Sculpture Garden; the time: I really haven’t a clue at this point. The session was not exactly the most intense session I’ve ever had, but in the circumstances, it was nothing less than just what was needed, and in the midst of what could have been a plethora of excuses that could have been used to put off this session until another time, we learned a valuable lesson that I have a feeling may well be applied again on this tour: ‘let’s just get on with it’.

The billeting and meeting the boys from the Grange School that we were to be grouped with, came next, and although I think people were a little unsure of what to expect, thanks to the multitude of messages coming through on the tour WhatsApp group, I think it’s safe to say that things are going well.

Alex Cunningham (Lx)