Match Report
Oundle School 1st VII vs  Stars - LEAGUE MATCH
On: Sunday, 01 Oct 2023
Venue: at Home

Our first match as a team was a tough one. We are still developing cohesion as a group but yesterday’s play was magnificent. The first quarter was tough, the majority of the team had not played against women before only school level and it was quite the change. They were feistier and arguably more competitive. We fought valiantly and finished the first quarter 8-7 up, with some terrific shots from Avery H-T and Eloise A.

As it is still pre-season, we decided to try some new position combinations in the second quarter. It worked successfully, with the new girls Imogen J, Eloise A and Lucy A slotting in perfectly and the flow of the game was never disrupted. Peterborough Stars became more and more competitive as the game went on and the atmosphere got louder. Once again we clenched the second quarter 17-16.

A second test of combinations in the third quarter and some fresh legs on the court saw a sudden excel, we immediately went three goals up and our confidence grew. Some fantastic interceptions from Imogen J and Peri D saw us turning over the game and Nwando’s great eye for longshot passes allowed us to get underneath the goalpost before their defence even realised! We finished the third quarter 29-24 up.

The final quarter was tough, it was clear that Peterborough Stars were not letting go. We maintained our neat play from the third quarter allowing us to obtain a clean 38-33 win. The opposition’s player of the match went to Nwando I and the coach’s player of the match went to Eloise A. The game vastly improved the team’s cohesion, and it is exciting to see how we will fair in this league.