Match Report
Oundle School Mixed-U18A vs  OOS
On: Saturday, 02 Mar 2024
Venue: at Home

Dear Mrs Kerr-Dineen,

It sounds like yesterday’s OO sporting day was a highly successful event all round, with highly competitive yet friendly and sporting matches. The water polo was no exception. The match saw the return of a few familiar faces from last year’s fixture, a couple of whom had risen to near mythical status in our minds. The poolside was, for the first time this year, packed with spectators which added a wonderful atmosphere. What the OOs lacked in recent experience (and fitness) they made up for with passion and physicality; they were almost without doubt our most physically taxing adversaries yet. Fortunately, our young, cohesive team managed to win the day. 11-6 to the Oundelians: M. Yao, F. Kemp, A. Lyle and F. Lyle all scoring one goal, A. Robinson with 2 and A. Menshutkin with a spectacular 5 goals.

After the match there was appetite for more, so a 7 minute quarter was played with mixed teams. It was a very wholesome event with jovial interactions between both sides. The fixture ended with a heartfelt speech from an OO thanking Julie for her incredible service to Oundle school swimming. He perfectly voiced what we all think of her: an absolute workhorse who has elevated Oundle swimming to the nationally competitive level it is today (and a woman who knows when and how to use her iron fist). But, most importantly, she has been a friendly, comforting face around the pool, a mother-like figure to the many hundreds of students who have passed through her program.

Kind regards, Fergus.