Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U18A vs  Rugby School
On: Saturday, 30 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

Dear Mrs. Kerr-Dineen,

I am writing to you in regard of the First Girls Basketball game against Rugby School on September the 30th.

This was our first basketball match of the year and ended in a big 40-16 win against Rugby School. The first half ended with Oundle taking an 8-point lead with Proud Limnarong and Season Fung scoring 4 and 6 points, respectively. Working as a team, we decided to play man on man defence where every player would pick an opponent to guard. In particular, Mirabel Agyemang kept the pressure up, intercepted many of their passes, and managed to steal the ball multiple times. Other standout players in this game included Proud Limnarong and Season Fung, both of whom scored 10 points each throughout the entire game. Debut players included Claire Wright, Zoe Ormond and Sophia Barraclough, all of whom defended well and grew more confident as the game progressed. Everyone on the team played an important role on the court, whether that might have been rebounding, shooting, or defending.

In conclusion, this was an impressive performance by the First Girls Basketball team and this experience allowed us to learn more about how to work together as a team.