Match Report
Oundle School Boys-U18C vs  Stowe School
On: Saturday, 18 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

Dear Mrs Kerr-Dineen,

Badminton Fixtures on Saturday afternoon saw four Stowe men's teams compete in the sports hall. It was a terrific opportunity for everyone to get involved, many players representing the school for the first time. The matches were played so that each pair from each Oundle team played all three pairs from Stowe in a game of two sets. With three pairs from each team, 18 sets were played out in each match.

The 1st team lacked determination on the final games which determined Stowe victorious, 10 sets to 8. An intense game from the first pair, Charles Ho and myself, against the opposing first pair was the highlight of the afternoon, involving a very high level of badminton. The first pair won all but one of their sets. Overall, a promising but disappointing afternoon for the 1st team.

For the 2nd team, just two of eighteen sets were won, however they all played with immense energy considering that it was a debut match for the majority of the team. Rion was particularly impressive as a third former and came close to beating Stowe's first pair in two sets with his partner Luc scoring 19-21 both times. Overall, it was a difficult afternoon for the 2nd team but nevertheless a commendable effort.

The 3rd and 4th team showcased incredible sportsmanship and determination throughout the match. Despite the majority of games not going in our favour, the team had a positive attitude and effort. The players displayed great resilience against strong opponents.

A special mention and thanks to the team captains Bismark Lee (2nd s), Andy Chen (3rd s) and Aidan Lee (4th s), who all showed maturity on the court and managed their respective teams all afternoon.

An upcoming match against Bedford is the final fixture of the season as well as marking the end of my Oundle badminton career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Cunniffe for always wearing a smile on his face and frequently sacrificing his time to take us to badminton fixtures and tournaments outside of school. Through his effort I am forever grateful for my last three years of badminton where I have developed my resilience and composure. These experiences will undoubtedly remain with me forever.

Yours Sincerely,

Julian Kwok