Match Report
Oundle School 1st  vs  Oakham School
On: Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

Dear Mrs Kerr-Dineen,

The badminton squad played two thrilling matches away at Oakham on Tuesday (26 Sep 2023). With several members of the team injured or unavailable, other members represented the school and certainly took their opportunity to shine. With that being said, all members played three games with absolute resolution and determination.

The 1st team concluded the third match of the season with a promising draw, where games won were won with assertion and games lost were only to tight margins.

Dominant victories in the men's and women's singles by myself and Liv respectively were notable performances of the afternoon, showing a high quality in the squad.

Out of 6 outstanding players, person of the match goes to Liv Xu for her ceaseless effort, winning nearly all of her games.

The 2nd team relished in a comfortable victory, winning 12 of 18 games overall. It was nice to see newer members of the squad getting involved and enjoying the match.

Notable performances include Jo Bryant's 21-8 win in women's singles, and a 21-8;21-12 win from Ilyas Mukhamedrakhimov & Olivia Fernandez-Corugedo in the mixed doubles. Again, out of 6 outstanding players, person of the match goes to Olivia Fernandez-Corugedo for her brilliant performance, winning all her matches.

Finally, This weekend sees many of the squad members participating in the Northamptonshire Country Championships, competing for ranking points against tough opponents. With members coming back to full fitness, the team aims to improve and become more consistent as we strive to achieve victory in the upcoming fixtures.

Yours Sincerely,

Julian Kwok & Betty Zhang