Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U16C vs  Kimbolton School
On: Saturday, 11 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

On Saturday, the U16 C’s faced Kimbolton in our first Netball match of the season and therefore our first time playing as a team under pressured conditions. We had no idea what to expect, fortunately the match did not end up being as bad as we had anticipated. To decide who got the first centre pass the Kimbolton captain and I immediately began scanning the floor for an object which would be good enough to make this decision. We settled upon a leaf after she dismissed the stone that I had originally picked up. I held up my closed hands and she chose, I opened the empty hand which she had chosen and so Oundle got the first centre pass. We efficiently passed the ball down the court and in about 45 seconds we scored the first goal, which is always a good goal to get in order to secure your lead from the very beginning. Time flew by and after a lot of hard work we ended the first quarter with the score 9-1 to Oundle. Now we were determined. Poppy Duffus said as a joke, ‘Lets get 40 goals’ which as you will later discover was actually quite a reasonable aim. The rest of the game went on with a similar success rate and we maintained excellent defense and a very strong attack. Quick reactions from Abigail Johnston were vital for the whole game and she was extremely good at interceptions and getting around her opponents. The final score was 36-5 to Oundle which we were all very impressed by and to have achieved this in our first match is very promising. We are now very used to playing together and hopefully our later matches will have similar results.