Match Report
Oundle School 1st VII vs  Leicester Grammar School
On: Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

On the 14th of January the Oundle netball 1st team played Leicester Grammar School at home. This match allowed us to really try out the formations the tactics we had gone over in training. With a steady first quarter ending in 6-2 to Oundle we were slowly getting in to our rhythm. The extremely high wind speed and slippery court were quite the challenge, both Ziyana and Gemma occasionally took shots that were totally swept away by the wind. The Leicester Grammar School did not score again that match due to the endless tips and interceptions from Rose Atkins, Izzy Wilson and Janna Holtby. Despite the bad weather conditions Gemma and Ziyana were both impressively able to score a total of 26 goals, leaving the score at the end of the match at 26-2.