Match Report
Oundle School 1st VII vs  Repton School
On: Saturday, 12 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

On Saturday 13th January, the 1st netball team played Repton away. We were nervous prior to the match, as Repton are known for their high quality of sport. However, we warmed up well and started the first quarter confidently. We were playing inside so it took us some time to adjust our play appropriately; the lack of wind meant that our ball placement needed to be accurate to avoid interceptions from the other team, as passes would be far easier to read. Phoebe Ashby (Lx) made some excellent drives into the centre third, ensuring minimal turnovers. Ella Johnsrud (Sn) made some fantastic feeds into Honor Starling (Sn), who held her space well, dominating our attacking D. We finished the first quarter 12-4 to Oundle. Feeling more warmed up, we went out into the second quarter determined. Due to some excellent defending by Emily H-T (Lx), the ball was turned over continually and the opposition had great difficulty keeping the play in their attacking third. The defence impressively conceded only two goals in this quarter. After a much needed half-time, we started the second half of the match a little over-confidently. Due to some avoidable errors from our side, Repton was able to take advantage of our carelessness and they fought hard to raise their score. We managed to persevere and regain our focus, going into the last quarter with a promising 26-12 to us. Tired, we pushed on to the end of the game, and finished with an impressive score of 39-17 to Oundle. Being our first match of the season, there is definitely still a considerable number of things to work on. However, with a lot of new players in the team, it was really impressive to see how quickly we gelled together. Saturday was a promising start of what looks likely to be a very impressive season. Most Valuable Player was awarded to Hannah Wakeford (Sn).