Match Report
Oundle School 1st VII vs  Bromsgrove School
On: Saturday, 02 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

Yesterday, the 1st played a very demoralising match against Bromsgrove. We went out expecting them to be good, because Mrs Burnham had said to us previously that their whole team plays club and nationally, so we thought it was going to be a very tough match.... It was.

The first quarter was a solid 14-4 to them; they were quick, both the ball and their movement, and they made very little mistakes, if not none. I think we dropped the ball about six times in that 12 minute period, so we did tend to give the ball away a little to often, but considering we had a 5 minute warm up and didn't actually pick a ball up, I don't think it was that shabby! I can also report that we haven't worked as hard as we did on the court to get the ball back and turn it over. When the quarter finished, we all came off huffing and puffing. I have never seen then team work so hard. So even though we knew we weren't going to win, that did not stop us putting up a good fight.

The second quarter ended 22-7, the gap getting bigger and bigger, but thankfully for Honor's shooting, everything we got into the D went through the goal, so we didn't waste a good opportunity. Carry came on in this quarter, and wow did she make a difference. Her movement was spot on, she made endless moves, and really helped us get the ball through the centre third, which is what we were struggling to do. She was rightfully awarded Man of the Match.

In the third quarter we made a few changes, where we managed to score a solid 4 goals. Our movement however was so much better, especially around the D and the circle edge. And the last quarter, a few more changes with Mia, Ella and I working the centre and attacking third, finalising the game with a 48-16 win to Bromsgrove, a bit of a shocker! Stella did such a great job as GD, although not her preferred position, she worked really hard and did manage to do some great tips on the ball, and with our captain, Hannah, missing

The morale stayed high, the motivation never dipped, and the work ethic kept increasing; and by the end, we were all looking forward to a hour and a half bus journey back.