Match Report
Oundle School 1st VII vs  Uppingham School
On: Saturday, 02 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

On Saturday 2nd February, we played Uppingham’s 1st netball team at home. The team were relatively nervous prior to the match, having played and lost to Uppingham only weeks before. Nevertheless, we had plenty of time to warm up prior to the match, so considering the bitterly cold weather, we were relatively warm when we started the first quarter. The wind was strong but we adapted accordingly, asking only for short, sharp passes rather than lengthy overheads, and finished the first quarter 8-3 to Oundle. The next quarter saw some excellent shooting from Honor Starling (Sn) as well as some outstanding defence from Katherine Swanston (Sn). However, our play was becoming increasingly rushed and we were repeatedly being called up for foot work. At the end of the second quarter, the score stood at 21-14 to us. Half time allowed us an interval to recompose and discuss the areas we needed to work on. The benefits of this constructive criticism were evident in the third quarter, as we were called up considerably less for foot works and our quality of play was high. Phoebe Ashby (Lx) put some amazing shots up. As a result of frozen courts, the match was called to an early end. Oundle came away with a very satisfying victory of 35-29. The team played well considering the extremely cold weather.

Player of the Match – Hannah Wakeford