Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U15C vs  Wellingborough School
On: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

On Tuesday the 26th of February, the U15C Netball Team played a match against Wellingborough School. As it was the first netball session back from the half term, we were quite slow. It was incredibly warm for a February so we were not feeling our best. We were also challenged with the fact that a few of our players were ill or injured so we brought up an extra player from the D team to help us.

In the first quarter, a few players had to change their normal positions, as many were not there. At the beginning of the match, we were finding it tough to get the ball to our side of the court, as we were not used to our positions. However, at the end of the first quarter, we managed to get a few in. The score was 8-4 to Wellingborough.

The second quarter was very similar to the first. We decided not to change our positions until after this quarter, just to see if we improved. As it was such a hot day, we were all exhausted throughout but we kept on going. Wellingborough were very quick on their toes and always managed to get past our defenders. At the end of this quarter, the score was 12-8 to Wellingborough.

In the third quarter, a few players swapped positions as they were exhausted. When we started, we were performing much better compared to the last two quarters. We managed to catch up to them as we felt more energetic. The score came to a close 14-15 still to Wellingborough.

We were feeling alot more confident in the final quarter and we were working extremely quickly so we could overtake them. We were definitely feeling under pressure as we had a chance to win. However, Wellingborough were not giving up either and they were doing their best so we could not overtake them. In the end, the final score was 19-17 to Wellingborough. This was one of our hardest matches yet and even we did not achieve a win we did manage to play in areas we were not used to. The player of the match went to Lucy Stubbs as she put in the most effort that day.