Match Report
Oundle School 1st Team - Boys vs  Bedford School
On: Thursday, 25 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

Yet again Oundle are on the losing side, but this time we scored two goals and considering that the team is new and playing together for the first time the gap in the score is smaller than the first match we had this season (against Bedford we lost 9-1).

Our strengths:

1) At times Oundle played good passing game
2) Oundle managed to play well defensively for the first half of the game

Our shortcomings:
1) Oundle lacked composure on the ball and seemed to panic every time a Stowe player put them under pressure, which led to possession being given away too easily, which led to a severe lack of strong attacking play
2) This panic seemed to surface every time Stowe dribbled at us. With Oundle dropping back, we gave away space and seemed reluctant to close them down, giving them an easy opportunity to have a shot on goal
3) There also seems to be a lack of awareness in the need to drop back or move into space. Oundle was stationary and, considering that Stowe were quicker than us, every long pass was met either with a battle or a Stowe hand
4) Today’s formation (2-2-2) wasn’t effective and didn’t work for us, as the strikers stayed up top and didn’t drop to help defensively, while the midfield was overrun on the outside (if the Oundle midfield played narrowly) or on the inside (if the Oundle midfield played wider)

Considerations for next training session:
1) Practice, practice and again practice. The more passing training we do the more comfortable we’ll be on the ball and therefore we’ll have more composure and less panic
2) A good game of attack vs defence should improve our shape integrity and encourage us to move, rather than being stationary
3) More defensive drills would be useful to get us to protect the ball better and close down opposition early

4) Consider a new formation or going back to the old one

Captain's comments:

Despite not having the best start to the season, Oundle did show their quality during this match. The team is fairly new and young ranging from 14-18 years old, while the opposition we faced was mostly 18 years old. We can safely say that Oundle has still got a lot to learn, but providing we make the right foundations this team can be extremely successful in the future. We also need to make a more serious approach and rather than ignoring and not mentioning the negatives, we need to expand on them, but not focus, so that the team could learn from it and become better as a unit. We should also encourage more people to start attending waterpolo sessions, as this is a fun, interesting and a great sport.

Thank you,