Match Report
Oundle School Junior Boys C vs  Witham Hall Preparatory School
On: Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

At the beginning of the match Witham Hall had the ball. During the first half we had a very strong defence and we had possession of the ball. 10 minutes in our team had make a good charge towards the goal, Abdullah Ghobash had the ball and shot but missed.

The rest of the first half was a stale mate with no teams scoring a goal.

In the second half Ben Grace was on the pitch and he did of a great job of caring the ball up along with Oliver Whitehead. Ben Grace used a lot of skill in the centre of the pitch as well.

Everything that went behind them were confronted by Egan Lo, who could receive possession of the ball and send it back up midfield with Ben Osei-Poku and Andrew Keung.

We has lost the majority of the possession and that had resulted a goal from Witham Hall. After that goal our team were determined to score the next goal.

Abdullah Ghobash, John Settas, Sanjay Ashwin and Monty Drewitwere pushing into their box. We had a few chances at goal but we did not score, ending the game: 1-0 to Witham Hall.

Special mentions to Ben Grace for keeping possession of the ball in midfield. Egan Lo also performed impeccably in defence. Finally Monty Drewitt worked very hard up front on the left wing.

Sanjay Ashswin