Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13C vs  The Perse Upper School
On: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018
Venue: Away

the U13 C team played a very gripping game against The Perse School. In the short forty minutes we had, the girls played an excellent game with lots of interceptions, goals and teamwork. The final score was 14-12 to Oundle. We were very proud of this win and hope to get more!

The first quarter started with an opposition centre, which got immediately intercepted by Oundle! This brought an amazing and positive start for us. We carried on with majority possession and with power and speed. Soon, our first goal was scored by Elizabeth Zorina. It was a very good goal and was set up really well. The last score in the first quarter was 5-1 to Oundle, 4 goals by Elizabeth and 1 by Rosie Blaine. It was a positive start!

Storming our way into the second quarter, our defence got put to the test as the Perse started to get more goals. Rachel Johnston, Libby Ravenhill and myself protected the goal really well and managed to get the ball back down the other end for Asha Distelbrink and Hilda Bowden to take a shot at goal. Asha managed to get all the goals for the second quarter with Hilda hot on her heels helping her out. The end score for the second quarter was 9-5 to Oundle, we were still in the lead, but Perse were catching up!

As the third quarter started, the centre passes from Mathilda Holland went brilliantly. Perdi Jones, Elizabeth and Hilda did really well to work the ball down to the goal with speed and accuracy. Rosie Blaine and Hilda Bowden did really well in the circle and Rosie got us another goal! The defence was working well as well, but the opposition did get 3 more goals making the score 10-8 to us.

As we stepped out for the last quarter, the centre passes were brilliant and our speed and accuracy was consistent. Elizabeth and Asha each scored another 2 goals each while the opposition got only 2. At the end of the day, we won with a great score of 14-12! It was close towards the end but we battled our way through as a team with many interceptions and goals. This was one of our tougher matches but we made it through! Well done everyone!

MOTM- Mathilda Holland