Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13A vs  The Perse Upper School
On: Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018
Venue: at Home

This afternoon, the team all warmed up and everyone was in high spirits on such a glorious day. The Perse arrived and we won the toss. Oundle swiftly passed the ball up the court and scored. The game had started well! Daisy Bennett (WA) did some beautiful drives for the ball and Noa Anderson (GK) did very well to prevent the opposing attackers from shooting. Throughout the first quarter, three more goals were scored by us and we stopped the opposition from scoring any at all. In the second quarter, the game was flowing nicely and we had all got into a smooth rhythm. Oundle were showing great team work and the centre court players were creating space and showing unity between them. The total made its way up to 12-4 to Oundle. The third quarter, was where most of the goals were scored with Hannah Boyle (GA) doing some fabulous movement around the D and Iryna Halahan (GS) holding by the post and catching the rebounds (not that there were many) with great energy! They both did some incredible shots throughout the game. 20-6 was the total by the end of the third quarter, but the last quarter was to be the most challenging and we were eager to stay ahead in the score. Juliette Wilcox (WA) certainly helped to keep it like this, for her play was phenomenal in the second half of the match. She kept the team together, slowed the ball down when necessary and was always there to pass to. The overall score was 27-10 to Oundle and this was definitely our best match so far. Everyone played to the top of their ability and we all worked together to win. The player of the match was Tessa Glazebrook.

T. Ashby L2