Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13D vs  Oakham School Girls-U12C
On: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018
Venue: Away

On Wednesday the 31st January the U13D team played in an away match against Oakham. With recharged batteries after Exeat (and better weather!) we were able to beat the opposition.

In our first quarter, we started off strong, scoring 6 goals but letting in 2. We tried hard to defend in the D, jumping high and intercepting as many balls as we could. The other team were fast and quick to grab the ball, but we were swifter.

After the first quarter, we had a team talk and managed to agree on defending closer and getting the ball past Oakham. The team talk seemed to have worked as we scored 2 more goals and defended closely, not allowing our opponents to score. This brought our score up to 8-2

In the third quarter, we kept up the pressure and as a result scored twice as many goals bringing the score to 16-2. With faultless precision and teamwork we deflected the balls coming their way.

In the fourth and final quarter, we were determined to bring our score even higher.The invigorated team were determined to make this a memorable match and surpassed all our previous matches. With our new-found confidence, we score a total of 9 goals in our last quarter smashing the opposition and bringing our final score to 25-2.