Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13B vs  Prince William Upper School
On: Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

On the 17th of January the under 13 Bs player an amazing match against Prince William School. It was cold and a lot of us were shivering but we played really well. For the first quarter, we had Kitan-GK, Rachel-GD, Zara-WD, Sophie-C, Polly-WA, Louisa-GA and Rosie as GS. We played really well and worked together brilliantly. After the first quarter we were beating them. In the second quarter, Kiara swapped on for Rachel and Niara for Zara. Zara then had a go at Centre and played superbly and Rosie switched with Izzy. In the second half we were brilliant at defending. PWS didn't manage to get a goal in from Kitans great keeping skills and Kiaras good spacing on the court. For the third half Polly swapped on for Zara and Sophie went back on at Centre. Kiara and Rachel swapped again and Izzy went on for GA. In the third half there was a lot of encouragement from the side lines and some brilliant play. We hadn't let PWS get a goal in so in the fourth half we completely changed positions. Kitan became GS, Louisa went to GA, Zara went to WA, Polly went to C, Niara was on for WD, Izzy was there for GD and Kiara was GS.

We all played really well thoughout the match. Well done girls.

Polly Potter. lx 2nd Form