Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13C vs  Prince William Upper School
On: Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

The U13C Team had a great start to the season, playing alongside the D Team in a very successful match against Prince Williams and beating them 22-2.

At first, we were reluctant to abandon the comfort and warmth of our woolly school jumpers, since it was quite chilly outside. However, we braved the cold to display our skills. We started off as soon as we could so that we wouldn’t freeze (we were very eager, too, of course) and the players were pressured to pass without hesitation. Perdi Jones was accidentally tripped up, but even in light of this minor injury, her and Matty Holland proved to be an amazing duo, getting the ball to the shooting D in a matter of seconds. Our Goal Defender, Lakshmi, intercepted too many passes to count, sometimes being perhaps a bit too proactive, and Scarlett Wright never allowed a single goal to be scored while playing Goal Keeper. After the very first goal, the whole team erupted in cheers and we sped up. Hilda Bowden and Elizabeth Zorina managed to score 11 goals for the team in the first quarter and another 4 in the third, when the Ds were not playing. We were victorious and extremely enthusiastic when doing ‘Hip-hip-hooray!’ and Elizabeth Zorina, who was playing Goal Attack, got Man of the Match. Overall, today was an amazing start to the season for the U13C Team!

E. Zorina

On Wednesday afternoon with temperatures dipping to an Arctic 2°C, the U13D team and U13C team competed in a home match against Prince William School. After 40 minutes of team work and goal-scoring the outcome was brilliant with a score of 22-2 to us.

The first quarter had us off to a brilliant start with the C’s scoring 11 goals from Hilda Bowden and Elizabeth Zorina. With great passing and skill from Mathilda Holland and Perdi Jones the ball was able to make its way into the D.

After the first quarter it was time for the U13Ds to swap on. It was a tough act to follow, however Mahitha Sagi and Poppy Harris scored four goals. Allegra Kimber was centre and was exceptional with her intercepting and passing. By this time the score was 15-2.

At the beginning of the final quarter the score had turned to 19-2 and the Ds were ready to keep fighting and increasing their lead. The whole team contributed with a tremendous effort in the last quarter, defending the goal and intercepting as much as they could. Everyone was working hard and made spaces to carry the ball further up the court and therefore score.

After enduring 40 minutes in the cold, the U13Ds and C’s triumphed and won an amazing victory with 22-2 goals

P. Menon