Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13A vs  Oakham School
On: Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018
Venue: Away

The Under 13A team set off on the bus, all excited for our match. We were set to play Oakham and we anticipated a challenging game, as our opponents (whom we had played many times) were a difficult side. We had played them twice last year and on both occasions the score was very close, reflecting the similar abilities of the two schools. We won the toss and the game commenced. The ball was passed up and down the pitch and Oundle scored the first goal. Oakham soon brought it back and then Oundle scored again. The game was tense and everyone was on their toes. By the end of the first quarter the score was 3-2 to Oakham and we were eager to make the score even. Our aim for the next quarter was to focus on the right ball placement and the second phase began. Tessa Glazebrook (WD) and Noa Anderson (GK) worked well around the D to get the ball back to our attackers. Oakham gained another three more goals and Oundle gained another two more. The game was still tight and we were beginning to pass the ball a little too quickly and so we attempted to slow the pace down and control the match. Maddie Todd (C) did some fabulous interceptions, consequently we had continuous possession of the ball. In the third quarter Juliette Wilcox (C) moved into the position Centre and she held the game together with some fantastic interceptions and an exciting toss up, which she won. At one point in the third quarter the score was 6-6 but unfortunately our opposing team brought the score to 7-11. In the last section we stepped up our game and we were determined to equal the score. Oakham were the first to get a goal and unfortunately another one after that. Oundle worked their utmost to prevent the defence from conceding again. Iryna Halahan (GS) and Hannah Boyle (GA) then did some excellent work around the D, driven by a desire to equalise the score. The shots were at first not going in; however very soon we had scored three more times and it was 11-13. We only needed two for a draw. Sadly we were unable to manage this and the final result was 12-13. It was an extremely competitive game and was thoroughly enjoyed by all players, on both the losing and winning side. The player of the match was Tilly Ashby.

T. Ashby