Match Report
Oundle School Girls-U13A vs  Prince William Upper School
On: Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018
Venue: at Home

It was a very chilly afternoon and we all warmed up with many layers. We were to play Prince William School and we were all eager to start our first match of the season. We had some new players join our team and this was their first netball match at Oundle, so everyone felt invigorated and ready for the game to commence. We won the toss and then set off at a fast pace. It was extremely windy and we could not pass the ball too high and so shooting was a challenge at first, but soon Hannah Boyle(GA) and Iryna Halahan(GS) got the hang of it and adjusted to the tricky conditions. The attack worked the ball around the D, utilising the angles. In the first quarter, overall we scored 8 goals and the ball was rarely in our defending D. Our team worked together and in the second quarter, our aim was to slow the ball down, and to control our pace to stay balanced. Our defence worked well to intercept the ball and pass it back up to the shooters, who in the second quarter, scored 9 more goals. Noa Anderson(GK) did some amazing interceptions which stopped the oppositions having a shot. In the third quarter, we got 5 goals, but by this point the temperature was dropping and the wind was picking up. In the last quarter, we all swapped around and tried out some new positions. Tessa Glazebrook (who now played GS) and Juliette Wilcox (who now played GA) adapted adequately to these positions and Tessa scored 7 goals. Overall, the final score was 31-0 to Oundle. It was an enjoyable first match of the season.