Match Report
Oundle School Boys-U13A vs  Spratton Hall School
On: Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017
Venue: Away

Away Match-Spratton Hall School, U13A

Dear all,

In the match today against Spratton Hall School which was away, we drew with an end score of 20-20. At the beginning of the game we did the starting kick and they caught it then they passed it to this big player who ran the whole pitch and scored breaking through the line and knocking our players down; this happened again and in the first few plays it was already 10-0. Mr Patel then called us in giving positive feedback but saying we needed to get the tackles in.

After this try we received the ball and went in to a ruck were we were rewarded with a penalty. But instead of passing down the line to the wing I took the ball and when straight at them breaking the line and going down near the try line were a ruck was formed and we got a free ball; then because it was a tap and go Harry Guyton took the ball and scored in the right corner.

The next try we scored again and this was because Abdullah Ghobash broke the line of their defence then was put down on the floor where he popped it up to Jamie Aubury who ran and scored a try. Then Spratton hall scored again were it became half-time.

Our coach Mr Patel told us that we were playing really well and this match was probably our best game so far, but the tackles need to be lower and that we can’t give them time and space.

When the second half started we were receiving and they scored a try again. Then next time they were about were about to score as their player had broken the line and was running at full speed down the wing as we had missed a tackle, I then sprinted towards him and gradually caught up were I tackled him and he dropped the ball on the line. Because the ball went over the dead ball line we had a penalty and I was passed the ball on the try line and ran the whole pitch were I scored.

Our next try was when Archie Holland had ran in to the wing with Jamie on his support and with a well-timed pass he gave it to Jamie who sprinted down the wing and scored.

On the last load of plays the opposing team were having penalty after penalty making it all the way to our try line were we ripped it and a scrum and put it in touch; this was the final play of the game. We then congratulated them and received feedback from Mr Patel and then returned to the dining room to have after match tea. In the end it was a very well-played game.

Matteo Toriati