Match Report
Oundle School 1st Team - Mixed vs  Bedford School Boys-U18A
On: Thursday, 05 Oct 2017
Venue: at Home

Oundle School vs Bedford School: 1-9

Man of the Match: Sonya Paramonova


During the first quarter, the Bedford Boys exploited Oundle's lack of rigour and shape in defence as they had many opportunities to score a goal. Despite the effort that our defence shown, Oundle were 3-0 down. The players didn't let their heads drop and went back into the second quarter raring to score and they scored a very good goal. In the third quarter Oundle managed to keep a clean sheet, but unfortunately, after three quarters the Oundle players entered the fourth quarter very tired and the Bedford players used that to its full advantage and scored several goals.


The score was a bitter pill to swallow, but despite that there were a lot of positives:

1) Oundle's defence improved massively, cutting down on the number of chances that the opponents had, as the quarters went on.

2) There were several players who had their debuts today and they all played very well, without exception.

3) Every single player gave a 100% and put a lot of effort into today's match and can all be proud of themselves.

During our next training we should work on our:

1) Defence (shape and marking)

2) Process of switching from defence to attack (and the other way around)

Captain's Comments:

I feel like the team is coming together very well, as we are all playing together as a team for the first time. The team supported each other very well and everyone stayed positive the entire way through the match. I trust the players to work on their own fitness considering that they have all got their own primary sport this term.

Out of 13 players who were chosen to represent Oundle today only 3 were from 6th form, so there were a lot of players from 5th and 4th form and Oundle has definitely got a bright future ahead of it.

Thank you,