Match Report
Oundle School Boys-U18A vs  Stowe School
On: Thursday, 28 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

The swimming team took part in a relay tournament on Thursday the 28th of September at Stowe School against 11 other schools. These included Stowe themselves, Marlborough College, Repton, Gresham’s and Oakham which are some of our biggest rivals and all host strong teams.

Our U18 boys came first in both their medley relay heat and their freestyle relay heat, qualifying for the finals in both. They came out of both final events just making the podium with 3rd place and achieved 7 PBs and an amazing time of 28.25s for 50m butterfly by Robert Evans’ (who is new to both the team and the school in the L6). The U16 boys came 3rd in both their medley and freestyle relay heats, making it into the finals for the freestyle relay with commendable efforts from all the swimmers and a fine start to their competitive year.

The U18 girls had Sonya Paramonova and Isabelle Horrocks-Taylor swimming up an age group however still made the final for both their relays. Overall they came 3rd in the medley relay final which was an outstanding effort against some strong sides from both Gresham’s and Oakham and narrowly missed out on medal positions in their freestyle final. Our U16 girls came 1st in their medley relay heat, with commendable efforts from new 3rd formers Carys Nokes and Isabelle Horrocks-Taylor, then achieving 3rd overall in the finals. Overall we came away with 29 personal bests from 13 people, a fittingly happy and competitive end to our first gala of the year.

Finn Clarkson and Maddie Terrell